Aggie Wants Her MTV Video, Wins It

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COLLEGE STATION, Nov. 21, 2007 – Texas A&M University graduate student Lauren Simpson says she is “thrilled and surprised” she won mtvU’s “Best Film on Campus” national competition, which she entered on a whim.

“When they came here (to Texas A&M on Nov. 2), I thought, ‘That’s cool, that’s that contest I entered,’” Simpson says. “It was a long shot but I sent it in anyway. I’m thrilled I won, but I’m still kind of in shock.”

Now she’s scrambling to prepare for a trip this weekend to Minnesota, where she will direct a music video for the band called “Motion City Soundtrack.” The “Best Film on Campus” contest required each entry to include a video pitch for the band. Simpson’s video will combine animation and a live musical performance.

To view Simpson’s entry, click on the link provided at the end of the story.

Simpson and fellow students Igor Kraguljac and Michael Losure will have just a few days to scout their location and shoot the video. They will work in a state-of-the-art studio with a professional crew and have a $10,000 budget from mtvU to spend on set design. Kraguljac will be director of photography. After they return, Losure will help design the stop-motion animation for the video.

All three are enrolled in the visualization sciences program of Texas A&M’s Architecture Department. The master’s degree program centers on the digital computer as a primary tool for visualization with strong offerings in animation, modeling and simulation, image generation and manipulation, design communications, time-based media and supporting technology.

Simpson has experience as a director and an actor in student films, and Kraguljac says he has worked on a short movie and music video to showcase Simpson’s musical talent.