President Bush Spends Holiday Calling Service Members

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CAMP DAVID, Md. -- President Bush called four service members with Texas ties and others Thursday to extend his best wishes.

Three of those receiving holiday greetings are in the Army, two are Marines, three are in the Air Force, two serve in the Coast Guard and two in the Navy. White House press secretary Dana Perino says the troops called are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and aboard ship.

Among those the president called are:

-Air Force Tech. Sgt. Cimarron Reeves in Iraq, who does post-blast analysis that is vital to counter Improvised Explosive Devices. Reeves' wife, Gloria, and his mother, Liliana, live in San Antonio.

-Army Staff Sgt. William Cannon in Iraq, who supervises howitzer training. Cannon's wife, Michelle, lives at Fort Hood, Texas.

-Coast Guard Food Service Spec. Second Class Michael Smith in the Arabian Gulf, who drafts message traffic coordinating ship movements, handles fueling and coordinates the purchases of supplies and equipment. His wife, Kristi, lives in Houston.

-Coast Guard Operation Spec. Second Class Dustin Bingham, who is deployed in the Eastern Pacific and trains shipmates in law enforcement. His parents, Brian and Kellie Bingham, are from Mason, Texas, about 120 miles west of Austin.

Perino said the president asked for God's blessings on the members of the military.

The president was celebrating the holiday Thursday at Camp David with his wife, Laura, and their twin daughters. Also present were daughter Jenna's husband-to-be Henry Hager, some of the president's brothers and sisters with their families, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.