Many Give Thanks to Twin City Mission This Holiday

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Twin City Mission's mission is to help those in need, and there may not be a better day to do it than on Thanksgiving.

For more than two decades, the mission's Community Cafe has prepared a turkey dinner for those who need to come to their doorstep. This year, it was for upwards of 700 meals that were made.

At least 40 volunteers spent the morning at the cafe getting the meals together.

"People start signing up in September, August to get on the list to be volunteers for this day, so it's one of the examples of where the community really comes together to help provide a meal for the folks that want to have a nice Thanksgiving," said Wynne Clark, the executive director of Twin City Mission.

Among those volunteers was State Representative Fred Brown, who has spent many Thanksgivings helping out at the mission.

"We want to do something for them," Brown said. "We want to feed them and give them a good meal. There's a real thin line between them being in this line and anybody else being in this line, and we need to always remember that."

Organizers say it's the biggest meal they'll put together each year. Twin City Mission also delivered meals to about 30 clients.