Guns Drawn on Highway 6...for Speeding Citation?

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DPS troopers might have first thought they had a bad situation on their hands. Now, they're just thankful to have issued some stern words and a speeding ticket.

Thursday morning around 10:20, troopers say they spotted a car traveling 90 mph southbound on Highway 6 near the Highway 21 exit in Bryan. As a trooper began to follow the vehicle, it weaved through traffic and accelerated to speeds in excess of 100 mph in spite of the DPS vehicle following behind with lights flashing.

Believing they might have a high-speed chase situation on their hands, backup was called in. However, between the Briarcrest and University exits, the speeding car hit it brakes and pulled off towards the median in the highway.

Following procedure, troopers drew their weapons and ordered the driver and three passengers out of the vehicle. The four were handcuffed while they and their car were searched.

Authorities say they turned up nothing in their search. The driver and passengers all told them they did not realize they were being pursued for their excessive speed.

The driver received a citation as a result. No other charges were filed.