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Premiere Cinemas Prepares to Develop in Bryan

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It's been nearly a year since the announcement, but now you can see the changes taking place. A Premiere Cinemas Multiplex Theater is coming soon.

Drive along the land just north of Boonville Road, and you'll see nothing but uprooted trees and shrubs. It's not a whole lot at the moment, but it's the start of construction for a 16-screen movie theater with restaurants.

Last December, two theater developers expressed interest in building multiplexes in Bryan, one on the north side of Boonville, the other on the south.

But Director of Planning and Development Services for Bryan, Kevin Russell, said Premiere Cinemas got the plat and site map done first.

"The project that was on the south side of FM 158 needed more infrastructure or it was going to take longer to bring the public infrastructure to them," said Russell.

Premiere Cinemas is clearing way for development.

The president of the company, Gary Moore, said he still does not know which restaurants will go into the complex. But that's not as important to the city as the domino effect the project could start.

"What it means is that as development starts, we see development continuing along 158 heading east toward Miramont, Copperfield in that area," said Russell.

The next step for Premiere Cinemas is to obtain a building permit.

As for the theater that wanted to develop on the south side of Boonville Road, the developer said he had completely pulled out of the project.

In the meantime, there are still traffic concerns from residents in Austin's Colony.

The city and TxDot plan to address those by widening the road exiting the subdivision and installing a traffic light.