Aggies Hold Final Football Regular Season Yell Practice

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Thanksgiving means something else pretty significant in Aggieland. Its biggest football game is just a day away.

Students and the football team packed into Kyle Field for yell practice the night before the University of Texas game. It is tradition that the practice before the Longhorn-Aggie matchup is at 8 p.m. instead of a Midnight Yell.

The get-together used to be held with Bonfire on-campus, but even though stack is not sanctioned by A&M anymore, the practice is still held at 8.

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"The players need to see that Aggies stand tall for them no matter what," said Head Yell Leader Eric Reed earlier in the week. "This is the t.u. game, and as we saw last year, the records and rankings mean nothing. A win over t.u. means a successful season and a great future."

Friday's battle is the Maroon Out game this season. Since the first game of its kind in 1998, the Aggies are 6-3, including wins over four teams ranked in the top 10.

"There is something magic about Maroon Out. It brings out the best in the 12th Man," Reed said. "If everyone shows their support at Yell Practice and then comes to the game in maroon, brings their 12th Man towels, and yells for the entire game, we will beat the hell outta t.u."