Study: UT Students Drink Most on Big Football Game Days

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AUSTIN -- University of Texas students tend to drink more to celebrate big football games than on traditional party days such as New Year's Eve or the last day of classes.

That's according to a new study that monitored 541 randomly selected students who entered as freshman in 2004.

The students were surveyed about their alcohol use before entering UT and then during the 2004 and 2005 football seasons.

UT psychologist and study co-author Kim Fromme says it's important to know what events are high risk for college drinking.

The study found that drinking was heaviest during high-profile games.

But it also noted that games occurring during breaks -- such as Friday's game between UT and Texas A&M -- may be exceptions because many students are home with their families.

The study also found that drinking levels are high on game days whether the Longhorns play at home or on the road.