World's Largest Grill/Smoker Cooks at Kyle

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Gameday cookouts are a tradition seemingly as old as football itself, but there aren't many cookouts like the one at Kyle Field Friday.

The world's largest grill and smoker was parked outside Kyle and fed the game day masses for free.

The stats on the monster? It's 55 feet long -- or 80 feet with the truck attached -- with 40 square feet of grilling space. Some 500 hamburgers or 1,000 hotdogs can be grilled at one time, with the smoker able to slow-cook 2,500 pounds of meat.

"I tell ally my friends it's like being a barbeque rock star," said Tyler Frazer, who grills and drives the machine around the country. "I actually had a regular job working in a cubicle, talking on the phone, buying and selling, trading and doing different stuff, and this is a whole lot more fun than that. We used to tailgate for fun, and now I get to do it for a living."

The grill is sponsored by Ms. Baird's, and has been throwing tailgates across the Big 12 all season.