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Chappell Hill Priest Resigns

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A Washington County catholic priest has resigned amid allegations of wrong-doing.

The Austin Archdiocese announced Wednesday, Father Eugene Shepard, the priest at Saint Stanislaus Church in Chappell Hill, resigned after sending photos of his parishioners, and their children, to prisoners.

According to Bishop Gregory Aymond the pictures sent, were of parish events ... but the letters with them had sexual content.

The Texas Rangers didn't find any criminal activity when they looked into Father Shepard's case, but they are keeping the investigation open.

Tuesday night, the Bishop told the members of the Chappell Hill church about the incident.

After speaking to several parishoners, many were shocked.

Seventy-three-year-old Shepard had been at the church for nearly a decade.

Bishop Gregory Aymond, from the Austin Diocese says about the community of Chappell Hill, "They're certainly going to go through difficult time of disappointment, disillusionment..but I really believe the people of Chappell Hill are very strong in faith, strong tradition in faith and they will come back."

Shepard has been asked to not serve publicly as a priest and he'll remain on administrative leave until the investigation is over.

Anyone who knows of other possible concerns about the priest should contact the Texas Rangers at 281-517-1400 or the Austin Diocese at 512-476-4888.

Father Leonard of Nigeria will temporarily fill in as the church's priest