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Wristband Helps Habitat for Humanity

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Most everyone is familiar with the yellow Live Strong bracelets that benefit the Lance Armstrong foundation, but what about the new brand of band in town.

It's called the Spirit of Aggieland Bracelet and just like its popular look-a-like it too goes toward a good cause.

"Some people don't even realize that they're helping to build a house, they really just want to support the aggies and that's great you know. If we can combine those two things together to put a family in a simple decent home then we're excited about that," said Mollie Williams with B/CS Habitat for Humanity.

Proceeds from the maroon wristbands, that cost only a dollar will help fund a Habitat for Humanity house planned for construction in the spring.

"Some people really live in very poor substandard housing and I think anything we can do to help them move from such an environment to a new house would be great," said Fadi Kalaouze, owner of Aggieland Outfitters and Inspirations.

It was his idea to sell the bracelets and help put a new roof over the heads of a family in need.

"It might be a dollar a piece which is nothing, but it can add a lot to a good cause and it can be a great Christmas gift for somebody," said Kalaouze.

18,000 bracelets have already been sold, more than 40,000 more are needed to make the plans for new house a reality.

"I think if we're successful doing this I don't see any problem reaching that goal," said Kalaouze.

Kalaouze plans to have other businesses around town start selling the bracelets too. He said if it's a sell out, he'll do it again next year.