Holiday Shopping Season Gets Underway

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Chances were good that anyone going around town ran into crowded parking lot and lots of people Saturday.

Despite cold temperatures and constant rain, the holiday shopping season remained in full swing.

Carol Potts and her sister ventured out on Black Friday, and found time on Saturday, too.

"There were good sales," Potts said. "A lot of things have been sold. I can tell a lot of people have been shopping, but there's a lot left."

Countless sales from now until the first of the year are providing some shoppers like Brittany Dehaan the chance to cash in before Christmas.

"My dad's with me," Dehaan said. "I'm the broke college student, so when my dad comes in town I'm just like, 'I want this and I want this.'"

Bargain hunter Danny Berger says for him and his family, the mall has too many clothes. Electronics are all the buzz for them.

"Just because they're cool," Berger said. "I'm mean, you've got gadgets you can show people, you know? You've got clothes, and that's cool, but electronics are just cool."

College Station's Best Buy's product process manager, Kevin Ayres, says with the help of print and television ads, current foot traffic inside the store could be a good indication that Christmas sales will be merry.

"Our sales are very strong as far as our ads, so a lot of people are going to come out and check out those deals in the coming weeks," Ayres said.

He adds, as you may guess, popular main stream gadgets are proving to be top sellers.

"GPS are very good. MP3 and iPods, of course, are still very good," Ayres said. "Flat panel TVs, and then our gaming systems, are always huge for the holidays."

The demand for Nintendo's Wii system, Ayres says, is making it hard to keep in stock, but he expects more in a week or two.

Whatever the product, retailers in general across the Brazos Valley and the nation are working to meet the holiday demand.