Soldiers Adjust to Being Home

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Several area families received a nice present when their loved ones from the 420th Engineer Brigade out of Bryan returned home from Iraq, just days before Christmas. But some soldiers are finding out that coming home from war takes some getting used to.

Kenny Carroll is enjoying spending time with his family after fighting in Iraq for nearly a year. But he says adjusting to his old life is more difficult that he could have ever imagined.

"It has taken some time. Everything is so much calmer. You're not going in five different directions at one time so it takes some getting used to," said Carroll.

One new addition to the family came along while Kenny was gone. Baby Johnna was born the first day Kenny arrived in Iraq. He's missed most of the first year of her life.

"She knows who da-da is, but she doesn't know what that means and it's been a little difficult, I think, for her to adjust," said Kenny's wife Crystal.

In Iraq, Kenny was uncertain about when he would return. He just knew that with each passing day, he was one day closer to home and seeing the faces of his wife Crystal, and baby girl.

"I get to come and bond with her and everything and actually start seeing her doing some things for the first time," said Carroll.

Little Johnna is very attached to her mother, but is getting used to the idea of having her dad around. Crystal must do the same.

"She takes care of the whole household now, so I came back and I don't have all those little extra things to do like I use to because she does them now," said Carroll.

Army counselors are telling Kenny, and other returning soldiers to ease back into life at home slowly. Kenny plans to go back to work in a couple of weeks.

But for now, he'll spend his time catching up, and being a dad.