Bone Marrow Drive for Young Boy

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The two-year-old son of a Consol High School Coach continues to battle a rare disease.

But co-workers and even students are trying to do their part to find a bone marrow match for the little boy.

Chilton Price is barely two years old.

His dad Duane is a football coach at A&M Consolidated High School and his mom Becca is a teacher.

But behind his adorable smile is a struggle he's known all his life.

Chilton has a rare genetic disease called Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.

It attacks the pancreas, bone marrow and skeleton.

"Since we know he has Shwachman Diamond Syndrome we have to go ahead and start laying the ground work trying to figure out who is going to be a donor," says Duane.

Chilton receives blood transfusions on a regular basis.

But a bone marrow transplant may also be a possibility.

And finding a donor isn't easy.

70 percent of those needing a transplant are unable to find a suitable donor.

That's why co-workers, students and fellow coaches are being tested for a possible match.

"I hope there are a lot of people that come out because mine may not work for little Chilton but somebody else in town may, may be able to help," says fellow coach Bobby James.

A quick finger stick is all it takes...and the more donors the better possibility that Chilton will find a bone marrow match.

"We're just thankful that everybody has been so helpful. We just want him to grow up and be healthy and be able to pay everyone back," says Duane.

And even though mom and dad aren't matches they too are taking the test, in hopes that they could provide the match for someone else that Chilton so desperately needs.

If you would like to take the bone marrow test you must be at least 18 years of age and have no prior history of diabetes or heart disease.