Travelers Return Home Following Thanksgiving Weekend

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, for many, it is back to the grindstone. An exodus of numerous holidays travelers filled the airports.

On Saturday alone, the Transportation Safety Administration figured more than 1.3 million people made their way through the country's top 40 airports.

Air travelers at Easterwood Airport had good news as the message board read "On-Time" for flyers.

Sharlyn Brown whose on her way to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport contacted her airlines to find out what was in store for her return trip to Illinois.

"I just called and made sure the flights were running on time," Brown said. "I wanted to know if there were any delays, and if so, how long?"

Virginian traveler Darlene Groves was caught a little off-guard with the temperature changes in the Lone Star State. She called a reliable source to see what kind of weather would greet her flight.

"I just spoke with my daughter-in-law, Groves said. "She said it was just cold and about 40-45 degrees, something like that, at home."

From planes to automobiles, whatever mode of transportation people relied on, the idea was to make it back home any way you can.

Millions more joined their fellow travelers on the highways. According to Triple A-Texas, 2.8 million Texans got behind the wheel this Thanksgiving holiday.

Delays on the roads could be blamed on heavy traffic but weather proved to be the culprit for many. Drivers in the West Texas area are forced to take their time.

Snowfall that began last week caught drivers by surprise. The National Weather Service has several road advisories in effect because the white stuff.

Regardless of how Thanksgiving holiday travelers are making their push home, it is a sure bet many will be thankful when they make it back home.