A Veteran's Unique Story

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Stephen F. Austin Middle School students in Bryan heard from a local veteran, but he may not have been what they expected.

Twenty-three-year-old Josh Amstutz served in the Marines and is an Iraq War Veteran. He was wounded in April 2003 and received a Purple Heart for his service.

He now attends Texas A&M University where he was able to walk-on to the Aggie football team.

Amstutz says he always wanted to be a Marine and became one right out of high school at the age of 17. He met his wife Jessica, who is a teacher and coach at SFA, while on duty in Washington D.C

He shared his life's experiences with the students and told them never to give up on their dreams because his came true.

He says it was a privilege to address the students and reminds them that there are still young people fighting for America.

"They always think of the older people, the Vietnam Vets and the World War II Vets as being veterans, and they forget that kids that are not too much older than them are serving in Iraq and coming home wounded or actually being killed in action," said Amstutz.