State Program to Replace Old Vehicles Delayed

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DALLAS (AP) - A state program to help low-income drivers replace old, polluting vehicles has been delayed until January as officials work out the program's final details.

The voluntary program will provide drivers with vouchers to help purchase a new vehicle when they exchange a vehicle that's at least ten years old. It will be available in 16 counties in the Dallas, Houston and Austin areas.

There's up to 100 million dollars available for the program. State Senator Kipp Averitt of Waco says that should be enough to get at least 40,000 old vehicles off the road.

Owners who agree to "retire" their vehicles will get $3,000 vouchers that can be used toward buying a new car or truck or a late-model used vehicle. If they opt to buy a hybrid, they can get $3,500.

Participants must meet income-limit requirements.