Hundreds of Flags Line Veteran Graves

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The American flag, a symbol of unity and freedom. And also a way to pay tribute to hundreds of local veterans.

"It's a way to honor them for their patriotism, our flag is very special," said Frances Henry, widow of a veteran.

"I think it means something to the families. We noticed that after we leave, families do come out and look at the graves of loved ones," said World War II veteran James Boone.

One-by-one area residents helped place flags on the graves of veterans in College Station.

"When we started in 1988 we only put out 167. They say that World War II veterans die one a minute," said Henry.

This year, the group has over 500 graves to visit.

Boone said Veteran's Day is a time he can't help thinking about his friends that never made it back from war alive.

"The heroes are those who didn't come back or could of come back with wounds and damages to their mind or emotions or body. Those to me are the heroes, those of us who came back in one piece were just lucky," said Boone.

Humble words from one who's been there. But to many of us, anyone who chooses to put their life on the line for their country, qualifies as a hero.