Two Finalists Vying for College Station Chief of Police

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After more than 50 qualified applicants, the search for a new Police Chief in College Station is now narrowed down to two finalists.

Stephen Griffith of San Marcos and Michael Clancey of Ohio. They both went through a week long interview process last week with representatives from the community, city staff and the police department.

Michael Clancey, Chief of Police in Westerville, Ohio, who's up for the position was impressed with the staff in College Station and the interview panel.

Clancey joined the Police Department in 1999. He's been in law enforcement for nearly 25 years. Clancey says during his visit to Texas, the city made quite an impression on him.

Clancey adds, "A lot of what I would like to continue and work towards is inclusion of the community--continue successful programs and explore new programs."

A Texas native, Stephen Griffith, is the number two candidate up for the position. He's the executive director of the ALERRT Center at Texas State University in San Marcos. He's a former San Marcos Police chief.
Since beginning his law enforcement career in 1979, he has also served in Bellaire and West University's police departments.
Griffith is excited about the possible opportunity to serve in the Brazos Valley.

Griffith adds, "I have recognized the professionalism of the College Station police department and its officers. Chief Feldman has for several years built an organization that quite frankly has been the envy of many police administrators."

Whomever is chosen as the new police chief will replace Chief Ed Feldman, who will be retiring in January after more than 35 years of service on the force.