Local Stores, Organizations Combat Toy Recalls

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Shoppers are out in droves, store lines are growing, and holiday cheer is in the air. However, one thing is different this season than in years past.

"With all the recalls it's been quite challenging, toy sales have been suffering a bit because of it industry wide," Target Store Team Leader Chuck Simmons said.

Target has seen first hand the impact of the toy recall.

Shoppers over the the weekend may have seen Aqua Dots, one of the most recent additions to the recall list, featured in holiday ad fliers.

"Unfortunately that was recalled about a week before we went to print and unfortunately we were unable to pull that out of the ad by the time it had gotten to the printer," Simmons said.

The toys themselves were pulled from the shelves when the recall was issued.

With the growing lists of recalls, the store has implemented several safeguards. In the toy aisles at Target, signs are posted letting consumers know what items have been pulled off the shelves.

Store officials say they are not only checking the shelves for these items, but also the back stock, and new shipments. Just in case one toy manages to slip through the cracks and make it to the register store officials say the item will throw up a red flag in their system.

"We ensure that product is hard locked in the system, and if does go through it locks down the register, and we have to pull it off before the guest leaves," Simmons said.

Target isn't alone in this effort. The Salvation Army has also stepped up its efforts to make sure no toy on the naughty list gets into the hands of some unsuspecting children this year.

"We have had some volunteers who took the time to help us sort through toys and they did it by creating a spreadsheet through excel," Salvation Army Captain John Branscum said. "We type in the vendor and the toy name, and match it up to the list."

A list of toys they say they're checking more than just twice.

"We had a few that came in last year, last minute stuff that we had actually kept for this year," Branscum said. "We actually found five and we discarded these five."

For more information on toys recalled for lead, chemicals, and tiny parts visit the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Safety Commission's website. Click on the link below.