Star Witness Testifies in Capital Murder Trial

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The prosecution's star witness in the capital murder trial of Sherry Smith finally took the stand Friday.

Daniel Gardner testified that not only was the crime premeditated, but Sherry Smith was the mastermind behind the double homicide.

It took two weeks of testimony in the Sherry Smith murder trial in Anderson to finally get some answers.

Smith is charged in the murders of her husband Carey and father-in-law Charles.

Smith's ex-husband Daniel Gardner testified Friday against his ex-wife and helped to fill in the blanks for jurors and a packed courtroom.

Gardner testified that Smith had major financial problems.

Sherry Smith racked up over $25,000 in credit card debt trying to help out her daughter but was hiding it from her husband Carey.

Gardner says Smith was worried about her husband finding out about the debt and came up with the plan to kill him and his father.

Gardner says he didn't take their conversations seriously and told his ex-wife she was playing god.

He testified that she told him the two had health problems anyway.

Just two days before the murders, Smith told her ex-husband she had some guns she wanted him to sell.

And the morning of the murders she dropped off several guns and the murder weapon in the bed of Gardner's truck.

Smith told investigators the guns were stolen by the people she believed broke in and killed Carey and Charles Smith.

Gardner also testified his ex-wife felt smothered by her marriage to Carey and told him she didn't have a life.

Gardner will take the stand again on Monday.

In exchange for his testimony, the prosecution has dropped the charge of capital murder against Gardner, and charged him with the lesser crime of felony possession of a firearm and a controlled substance.

Gardner is currently in jail, and has four months left to serve for his role in covering up the murders.