Audit Shows Shortfall at Grimes County District Clerk's Office

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An audit of the Grimes County District Clerk's office turned up some disturbing news.

First, hundreds of thousands of dollars in a trust fund were not moved to a savings or CD account like the law requires.

"I'm not going to blame anybody; I'm just saying what didn't occur was there weren't CDs established that needed to be established," said County Auditor Buck LaQuey.

Once LaQuey started to empty the trust fund, another red flag went up.

"We still needed $6,133 for other CDs, so we're short. We don't know where; we're still in the middle really of the audit," said LaQuey.

District Clerk Wayne Rucker isn't surprised.

"This office has gotten big enough that I can't watch everybody every minute," said Rucker.

This year Rucker fired two employees for not correctly doing their job. It's not clear yet whether either employee played a role in the missing money, but the auditor is taking everything into consideration.

Earlier this year, the Grimes County Commissioners Court conducted an inquiry into Rucker's firing practices.

But, Rucker said he's had bad luck with some of his employees. He said the two he fired weren't following the rules.

In July Rucker asked the district attorney to conduct a criminal investigation.

"I've asked him to continue to get to the bottom of it because I want to get this stuff cleared up. I'm going to be retiring in a couple years, and I want it all cleared up," said Rucker.

District Attorney Tuck McLain said he has not read the audit report and refused to comment.

In the meantime, no one is pointing fingers. The money is simply missing, and the auditor still needs to find out why.

Rucker said he is revamping procedures in the office. As of now, they will no longer accept cash.