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Finding Family Time

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With work schedules and after school activities, some of today's families are finding it difficult to make time for each other. And while there may not be time for long sit down dinners, some families are finding other ways to spend together.

Andrea Christie is a full time student. Her husband works long hours on the job. Finding time for the kids isn't always easy. But the Christies make spending time with their children a top priority, even if it means finding time during a busy day at school or work.

"Our kids come first so we take turns going to the schools and spending time with the kids for lunch or their school activities. If I can't be there, he will be there, it's just something you make time for," said Andrea Christie.

The Christies recognize that family time is important to their children's development and character. So they make it a point to find the time to talk to each of their children every day.

Tribble Carter practices the same parenting skills. He visits and reads to his two sons during his lunch break.

Studies suggests that parents who spend more time with their children are more likely to keep that connection during a difficult time in the child's life, such as the teenage years.

Carter says his first and third grader open up to him. He hopes to keep that communication as they grow older.

"They have no problem telling me what they like or don't like, the problems they are having at school or anything else they need help with," said Carter.

St. Joseph's Healthy Communities office provides advice for busy families. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

"Time just for the family to be together whether it's talking to each other about their day maybe going for a walk or taking up an activity they can do as a family. Maybe volunteering somewhere or taking up a hobby," said Alyssa Locklear, St. Joseph's Community Health Coordinator.

The Christies and Carters have come to realize that connecting with their kids now can lead to a lifetime of family happiness.

St. Joseph's Healthy Communities will host "Taming the Time Tyrant" Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 6 p.m. The session will take place at the Education Annex located on the corner of 29th Street and Broadmoor in Bryan.

Dinner and child care are provided, but you'll need to register by calling (979) 731-1231.