Does it Work: Buttoneer

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We are all looking for an easy way out, but is too easy just too good to be true?

That has been the case for some of our does it work products, but will the Buttoneer prove otherwise?

It is a button business at Pride Cleaners in Bryan. The store sews on dozens of buttons a day. So, who better to test this "As Seen On TV" product?

"I think it would be a good quick fix," Heather Simmen, owner of Pride Cleaners said. "I don't think it would withstand commercial laundering or dry cleaning. I think it would be good as it says for travel needs, but wouldn't replace good old needle and thread."

Simmen offered her prediction, but would it prove to be right?
The Buttoneer says it requires no sewing and can be used on most fabrics.

"You have a fastener and it clicks the button in and you click it right into place," Simmen said.

However, our first and second tries were unsuccessful.

"You can see I couldn't figure it out and I have a degree from A&M and it wasn't very easy for me," Simmen said.

The third time Heather tried the gadget, it worked a little better.

"Here we go," Simmen said. "It is half on."

However, it was not as good as the old fashion way.
With confusing directions and less than desirable results, from a score of one to five, one being the worst, Heather gave the Buttoneer a three.

"I would probably give it a three or a four," Simmen said. "It would probably save you in a bind but definitely isn't the answer to sewing on buttons."