One Step Closer to Two Bryan High Schools

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The Bryan Independent School District Board of Trustees have tabbed 97 acres south of Old Reliance Road as the site of a second high school for the city.

Voters will have the final say on the issue in the February 26 election. The new high school is part of the first of two propositions that will be on the ballot. In total, over $100 million are wrapped up in the propositions.

The trustees approved contracts to purchase two sites. The first is the Old Reliance Road location east of Earl Rudder Freeway. The second is 66 acres on West Villa Maria Road across from the Traditions development.

If approved, the second high school would open in the fall of 2008. The trustees cited a demographic study by Populatin and Survey Analysts of College Station that says growth within the city in the coming years will be north and east of Highway 6, which makes the Old Reliance site more feasible.

Also included in Proposition I are renovations to current campuses, a new middle school and a rebuilding of Bonham Elementary. Proposition II would see upgrades to Viking Stadium, as well as a new natatorium and gymnastics facility.

Each of the two sites the trustees approved contracts for Monday night cost around $1.3 million.

Bryan High School ranks twelfth in the state in size, with around 3,700 students in grades 9-12. The new high school would have a capacity of 1,500 students. Those attending Bryan High at the time the new school opens would be allowed to graduate from that school.