State Winding Down Capital Murder Case

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The state is winding down its case against accused murderer Sherry Smith.

Monday, forensic experts testified that gun residue was not found on Sherry Smith's hands after the murders.

But one witness testified the residue can be easily wiped off or if a suspect was wearing gloves, there would be no residue.

The medical examiner says Kerry Smith died from two gun shot wounds from a rifle, one to his head and one to his neck.

The cause of death for Smith's father Charles was a gun shot wound to the chest that punctured a lung.

Sherry Smith is accused of plotting to kill the men for money.

Last week, ex-husband Daniel Gardner says Smith was hiding money problems from her husband Kerry.

She racked up more than $25,000 in credit card debt because she was helping out her daughter.

Smith told her ex-husband she was afraid Kerry would find out and said she could shoot the men and her money problems would be over.

Prior testimony also revealed Kerry Smith might have wanted to divorce his wife.

Smith's daughter said her mother didn't want to leave the marriage without anything to show for it.

The state is expected to rest its case Tuesday.

The defense plans to call Daniel Gardner back to the stand on Wednesday.