Cable Shut Out from Cowboys and Packers Showdown

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America's Team will not be seen this week by Suddenlink cable customers.

Suddenlink's Director of Corporate Communications Gene Regan says Thursday night's game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, along with several other games, are not available on cable because the NFL Network decided to air them itself.

"The NFL and only the NFL made the decision to pull these eight games off broadcast TV and hold them for millions dollars of ransom," Regan said.

The second biggest game of the regular season has the 10-1 Cowboys pitted against the 10-1 Packers. If you do not have satellite you will probably miss out. However, as always, you can still catch the highlights on News Three.

Green Bay Packers fan Blake Gray says the match-up between cable versus satellite continues to affect one group in particular.

"The fans are hurting from the NFL Network," Gray said.

Matt Mcardle, who's a Brett Favre fan, says it seems like cable customers are hurting the most when it comes to seeing the big games.

"People who have satellite are winning because they get to watch it," Mcardle said. "People who have cable are out of luck I guess, like me."

Suddenlink officials say customers should know they want to provide the NFL Network and have been actively trying to work out a deal. Just last week, Regan says they sent network officials a series of offers.

"Those offers included one that would give the NFL a free channel widely available to Suddenlink customers who would want it," Regan said.

In that proposal, they offered the NFL Network the option to offer that free channel on Suddenlink for free or for subscription. In addition, Regan says all the revenue the channel generated, including that from commercials, would solely belong to the network.

The National Football League Network said no.

"The NFL contacted us and declined the offer and all others and reiterated they would accept nothing less than the same $100 million ransom they demanded a year ago," Regan said.

Come Thursday, instead of being at home, local Cheeseheads and Cowboys will make their way to area bars and other places that are showing the game.

"I'm gonna have to," Gray said. "I'm not pleased about it, but I'm gonna have to do it."