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Foster Families Needed

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There are hundreds of abused or neglected children in need of good homes in our area, but there is a shortage of foster families. That means that the need for foster parents has never been greater.

Holly Davis loves children. Learning she couldn't have some of her own led her to foster parenting six years ago.

Family and Protective Services is glad she did. That's because there aren't a lot of options for children in need of a home in the Brazos Valley.

"It's rewarding in the sense that you see a child come in with certain behaviors, you work with them and you see their personalities change and their attitudes change," said Davis.

Foster parents like Davis are in short supply. Family and Protective services says there are nearly 400 children in the Brazos Valley in need of foster care or adoption. But there are only about 30 to 40 foster families. If a child can not be placed locally, they will be sent to shelters. The nearest one to Bryan/College Station is in Austin.

"Without foster parents we'll have children with no place to go and that's the dilemma that we're facing today, a shortage of foster families," said Cheri Peterson, a foster and adoption recruiter.

Foster parents are compensated for the care they provide. Most receive about $500 a month to help with expenses and they must go through a 10 week training session. But Holly says she has learned so much from the children she has cared for.

Sometimes the bonds aren't only temporary. Holly is in the process of adopting her three-year-old foster child, Aaron. She has taken care of him since he was a baby.

"He's got a great personality, he's funny, his facial expressions just make you laugh. He's a sweet little boy. It's just neat to see where they started in your home and how much they've grown and the impact you've put on their lives and all I hope for is that when they get older that they'll remember what little time they spent in my home. And know what a healthy family is like," said Davis.

There will be an adoption and foster care seminar on Saturday November 20 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Family and Protective Services office in Bryan. The address is 2400 Osborn.

You can talk with the staff and see pictures, profiles, and videos of children in need of foster care or adoptions.

For more information you can call (979) 776-3637 or (979) 830-6120.