Brazos Valley Gets a New Radio Beat

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There's a new radio beat in the Brazos Valley.

The Beat, which is 101.9 on the FM radio dial, signed on Thursday morning.

For those who dial up 101.9 for Radio Alegria, the Mexican music station is still on the air on AM 1240, where station officials say the majority of its listeners tune in anyway.

The new format features dance, hip-hop, R&B and rhythmic pop hits for an 18-to-24 multicultural audience across 13 counties.

"This is the youngest market in America, and it's under-served currently," said Chris Kiske, the general manager for Brazos Valley Communications. "This is reaching out to the young people in this market."

Country station KORA and 103.9 Jack FM are also under the Brazos Valley Communications banner.

"Really, this was the last step in kind of building a picture of this marketplace that invites, really, the young group of listeners in," Kiske said.

Right now, all four stations are taking part in the 24th annual Radio MASH toy drive at Post Oak Mall, where you can donate toys for more than 4,000 kids in the area.