Tape, Alleged Victim Tell Different Stories in Bobby Knight Hunting Incident

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LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) - Police reports of an alleged shooting incident involving Texas Tech coach Bob Knight differ slightly from an account by the Lubbock man who made the allegations.

James Simpson told The Associated Press that birdshot came into his yard three times on October 21.

Simpson says he yelled three times from a distance at Knight and a male hunting companion to move away from his home to hunt dove.

At some point Simpson began videotaping his encounter with Knight and another man, in a tape Simpson gave to AP.

Simpson, after yelling for the hunters to move further from his house, took a video camera from his home and confronted the pair.

In the video, Simpson is heard saying, "I asked you nicely to move down. You're too close to my house."

A short time later, Knight says, "You didn't ask us to move down. You swore and cussed ... you were swearing and cussing and yelling. I don't need that. If you ask us politely, I'll be glad to do it."

Police reports indicate that Simpson only told the officer about only one instance when birdshot hit his house, after which he yelled at the two hunters to "back up."

The report goes on to state that a pellet struck Simpson's head. Simpson told the AP that pellets hit his neck and back, but he did not need medical attention.

Simpson on Thursday said his account of the incident to The AP did not differ from the one he gave to police last month.

Police closed the case November 2. Knight has declined comment this week.