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Resident Helps Catch Robbery Suspect

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Authorities in Washington County are investigating a morning bank robbery in the small town of Burton.

Residents are still shocked by the bank heist, but the suspect didn't get far.

"I was at the cafe eating breakfast when I heard two women say the bank's been robbed, call 911," says Burton Resident Stanley Powell.

There's not much that goes on in small Washington County community of Burton.

That all changed Thursday morning with a bank robbery and car chase, all within an hour.

"The main thing I was thinking was nobody's gonna rob our Bank here in Burton," says Powell.

So Stanley Powell took the law into his own hands, jumped in his truck and headed down the highway in hot pursuit of the man suspected of robbing the Burton State Bank just minutes before.

"As close knit as this community is, thinking you'll get away with something is beyond me," says Powell.

The chase reached speeds up to 120 miles per hour.

Finally, police caught up and arrested the suspect.

Sheriff J.W. Jankowski says the young black male is the prime suspect.

"When he came into the bank he went over the counter went to the drawer and got the money," says Jankowski.

The Burton State Bank was robbed once before in the seventies.

No one was injured in the incident either.

Still, bank employees and the community is shaken by the robbery.

"No one was hurt, they're all scared. I guess everybody thinks it's not gonna happen but times are changing and this man was desperate," says Jankowski.

Only $5,600 was taken, but robbing a bank is a federal offense.

Residents are just happy to send the message, Don't Mess With Burton.