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Picking Up Some New Skills to Get a Better Job

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If you’re just looking for a new job or trying to climb the corporate ladder you may be able to pick up some new skills for free.

Delia Ochoa is a single mother of three and along with getting her GED, she's attending job readiness classes to help her gain more skills to use out in the work world. The classes have not only helped her self image but helped her resume as well. Delia is currently working part time; she hopes to find something more permanent when she finishes classes.

"The classes really help out in moving you to more stable, confident and they really make you get out there more." says Ochoa.

The workshops are a service provided by Workforce Solutions in conjunction with Blinn College. Classes range from resume writing to basic computer skills and even learning how to network.

Phebe Simmons is the class coordinator, and says, "A lot of job seekers come in are eligible for our program do not have proper communication skills or proper computer skills or just the presence to walk in and the confidence to ask for a job application or ask are you hiring?"

Simmons adds there has been plenty of success stories from this two-year program. Once the students have completed the program, most are able to move on and find a better job.

But are those jobs out there?

According to workforce solutions, a total of more than 200 jobs ranging from janitorial to jobs that require degrees have been posted in the Bryan College Station area.

Crystal Bearley, the Regional Systems Manager for Workforce Solutions says, "We had roughly 130 brand new Work in Texas job postings in the Brazos Valley area for the last quarter of 04."

With today's job market, these classes can help clients better themselves and gain skills to boost up the resume.

Some of these classes have specific requirements, and if you are eligible these classes are free.