11th Suspect Arrested in Madisonville Teen Gang Rape Investigation

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We've got new developments in an exclusive undercover investigation we first brought to you out of Madisonville.

It's been nearly three weeks, but Madisonville Police have arrested the 11th suspect wanted in connection to an undercover investigation that only News 3's Nicole Morten had access to.

Late March, a 16-year-old Madisonville teen's mother contacted authorities alleging her daughter was taken to a trailer home on Lance Street, given Crystal Meth and repeatedly gang-raped by 11 individuals.

"A lot of these guys have some sort of ties into gang-related activity and have a history into drug dealing and drug use and unfortunately this drug use and dealing has led to more severe crimes," said Zitzmann.

The accused suspects are 24-year-old Debrodrick Manning, 23-year-old Brandon Gilbert, 19-year-old LaFelix Turner, 19-year-old Derrick Kyle, 25-year-old Steven Manning, 20-year-old Adrian Butler, 33-year-old Earl James Tyler, 19-year-old Lorenzo Ford and 35-year-old female Sondress Lotts and 24-year-old Hanable Craig.

"We still consider them a child and therefore we have to be the voice for those children because these crimes against children are unacceptable," said Zitzmann.

The Police chief says DNA evidence linked several of the suspects to the crime; that and a detailed confession from the victim gave police enough to issue warrants. On Friday May 24th, News 3 had exclusive access as Madisonville Police raided the homes of the accused criminals; three were taken from their homes, some barefoot in as little as their underwear. Eight suspects were arrested on the day of the raid, and Hanibal Craig has since remained at large, until now.

A Crime Stoppers tip led to the arrest of remaining suspect, 24-year-old Hanable Craig, at home at the 400 block of Mathis Meadows in Madisonville. According to Madisonville Police Chief Chuck May, the suspect was hiding in a room during the search. He was found, and arrested without incident.

All of the suspects have been charged with sexual assault of a child and trafficking of persons, a first degree felony -- which means if convicted the suspects could get up to 99 years in prison.