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Man Pleads Guilty to Murder

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The man who brutally murdered his wife's lover pleaded guilty to murder Friday.

Fredrick Mays could have been tried for capital murder but accepted a plea agreement for 35 years in prison.

Fredrick Mays didn't apologize for the 2002 murder of Fredrick Lewis. He just admitted he was guilty and was sentenced.

Judge Rick Davis sentenced Mays to 35 years in prison for the murder of his wife's lover Fredrick Lewis.

If Mays was put on trial he could have faced the death penalty.

The victim's family is relieved to hear the man who shot their loved one to death, admit it.

In December of 2002, Mays went to Lewis' apartment where he waited for his wife and her boyfriend to come home.

Police say, in a jealous rage, Mays shot Lewis to death.

Samuel Lewis remembers his brother fondly as a good person.

"He meant the world to all of us. He was a brother, a father and an uncle. Everybody loved Fred," says Lewis.

The Lewis family says they are on board with the plea agreement, but no amount of prison time could truly bring closure.

"I'd like to see him serve all 35 years and then some, but God is in control of his fate," says Lewis.

Mays will be eligible for parole after he's served half his sentence and does get credit for the two years he's already spent in jail.