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Brenham Parent Worried About School Bus Conduct

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One family in Brenham is concerned about the safety of their children on the school bus. After an investigation by the bus company, the family takes it another step further to the local authorities.

Five-year-old Justin Sherrouse had been riding the Brenham school bus for only a few weeks, when he was allegedly hit by his bus driver back in October.

"She told me to sit down and hush. Then she just hit me on the back of the forehead," says Justin.

Step-mother, Flossie says her daughter came home that day telling her mom what happened. She immediately contacted the bus company about the incident. Durham School Services which is contracted by the school district released this statement saying.

"Durham immediately conducted a thorough investigation when we learned of the alleged action in October. We found no wrongdoing on the part of our driver. We take this very seriously and are fully cooperating with the local authorities."

"If anybody else would hit the child, a teacher, anybody, they'd be fired from their job, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, and it needs to be taken care of," says the step-mother.

Durham said they did place the bus driver on administrative leave during the investigation. They found during her two-year record with Durham the only complaints was that she was strict when it comes to student management. Not satisfied with the company's response, Flossie decided to file a report with Washington County last week.

"She felt Durham transportation was not doing enough in her alleged case of a bus driver having struck her five-year-old child on the bus," says Carlene Starr Davis of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Because they live 10 miles out of town, the children are still riding the bus. But Washington County is continuing to look into the investigation.