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Depressing Day

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How did you feel today? Happy? Sad? If you were a little blue, one British researcher says you're not alone. He says January 24th is the most depressing day of the year. But why would that be? There are some factors could be giving you the blues.

The New Year is nearly a month old and it seems like just yesterday, you were ringing in 2005. After the holiday cheer has worn off, many people often experience depression this time of year.

"There's this realization that you're starting a new year and back to the same routine and its sort of a anti-climatic felling," said Dr. Adam Saenz, a College Station psychologists.

Many psychologists say that dreary winter weather can also play a factor on your mood. As well as guilty feelings about not sticking to you New Year’s resolutions. Seeing the debt you've accumulated over the holidays can also dampen your mood. But doctors say the occasions case of the blues is not uncommon.

"The average person will experience symptoms of depression or feelings of depression on a mild basis on a regular basis, but that's certainly not clinical depression." said Saenz.

So how do residents in the Brazos Valley feel today?

"I feel great today. I had a good year last year. God's been good to me and I have a wonderful husband, good job, so everything is great," said College Station resident, Fern Harris.

There are ways to combat those bad feelings.

"Stay in touch with friends, stay in touch with family. Make sure that you're having good communication with the people that you care about and people that care about you and that you're not getting too isolated. Also do the things that you enjoy doing," said Saenz.