Motorcycle Helmet Law Could Change

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If you ride a motorcycle, you soon may not be required to wear a helmet. A state lawmaker has proposed a bill that would allow anyone over 21 to ride without a helmet, even if they haven't taken a safety class.

Eddie Carmon, with the Department of Public Safety says if you ride a hog you want to have as much protection as you can.

"The most important thing needs to be protected in your head. If you can have a helmet on to protect you getting hurt, you're much less likely to come out with severe injuries." says Carmon.

Currently, riders don't have to wear helmets if they are over 21 and have completed a safety course or if they have a certain amount of liability coverage. Carmon says they're worried if the law changes, they could see more accidents turn fatal.

Stats on motorcycle deaths have increased since the new law took effect in 1997. The spike in numbers is due to more people riding motorcycles.

"I think the people that are not gonna wear their helmets, are not gonna wear their helmets anyways. And the ones that would wear a helmet are going to wear it in spite of if they had a law that says you don't have to wear a helmet at all." adds Carmon.

Jim Booth, with Independence Harley-Davidson sees his fair share of hog riders. And when selling the bikes, safety is number one. While some of his customers do ride without a helmet, he encourages them to protect themselves.

"I have had friends in the business and been going 5 miles an hour and literally fall over either because of an animal or a call pulling out in front of them. They've hit their heads because they did not wear a helmet and they didn't walk away from the accident." says Booth.

Jim adds whether you're a beginner or the most seasoned of riders, you should always wear a helmet.