Missing Navasota Man Found in Bryan

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New developments in the search for a man that went missing in Navasota earlier this month.

Navasota police were in Bryan Friday night investigating a lead that the missing man might have visited the Twin City Mission, and eventually, they found their man.

William Joseph Miller, 49, from Arkansas was no where to be found. But, after seeing Friday's "News 3 at 6" broadcast, a gas station employee in Bryan contacted KBTX, saying she spotted him nearly two weeks ago and took him to the Bryan homeless shelter.

Police stopped by the mission and found Miller there.

Miller moved to Navasota in December with his wife to live with her sister and find work.

Family members said he has long grey hair with a mustache and beard.

"He walks with a limp, in fact they say it may look like he was intoxicated because of the accident he was in, he walks with a limp and he has a tracheotomy scar," said Navasota Police Chief, Joe Hester.

The accident Hester talks about is a car wreck Miller had at age 18. Family members said he has some mental problems as a result.

Miller's sister-in-law said he was abusive physically and verbally to his wife, and that the couple had an argument January 11th.

"Her intention was to ask him to get some kind of help to deal with his anger management problems and his verbal abuse and he basically didn't respond to that very well," said sister-in-law, Betty Prinz.

Miller reportedly blew up, leaving his wife and sister-in-law behind.

Police said, on January 12th, Miller withdrew $70 from an ATM and used it to stay overnight at the Best Value Inn and Suites in Navasota. That was the last time he was seen.

"We need to find him so the family can pick him up and take him back home. But, they said he does hitch hike, so he may have hitched a ride and there's no telling where he went," said Hester.

Miller's wife and sister-in-law believe he went to visit a female friend in Mountain View, Arkansas. Police suspect no foul play.