Anthony Graves Says He is Still Being Wronged by the State

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Ex-inmate Anthony Graves considers the loss of a $250 speaking fee only the latest wrong done to him by the state of Texas.

He spent 18 years in prison - 12 on death row - for a crime prosecutors now say he did not do.

In October, he was refused compensation for people who are unjustly convicted.

The Texas attorney general's office is garnishing wages for child support that a judge determined that the 45-year-old Graves owed even though he was on death row at the time.

When a $250 honorarium was withheld for a presentation to
students at Prairie View A&M University, Graves said it was just
too much.

Graves says he is "tired of the state kicking me."

A spokesman for the attorney general said the office is statutorily required to enforce the child support payments.