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Flood Control Study in Robertson County

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Monday's heavy rains bring back bad memories for some residents in Robertson County. It was just last May when heavy rains flooded the area. Congressman Chet Edwards is helping the efforts to try and alleviate possible future floods.

Roselyn Wiltz has lived in Hearne for nine years and never has she seen rains like the ones in May. The creek that runs nearby overflowed its banks, flooding her home.

Wiltz adds, "I had to pull up all my floors and carpet. In one particular room, the water was about knee deep, and I lost almost everything in that room."

Six months later, she's just finishing up with repairs but the recent rains are making Roselyn a bit nervous.

Congressman Chet Edwards, District 17 Representative, believes there can't be another flood like the one in May. He adds, "And while businesses and families try and hang in there after one terrible flood, if it starts happening multiple times, eventually you just devastate jobs and economic opportunities for the country."

In May, Edwards joined Robertson County officials to tour the areas damaged by flooding. He's included $100,000 to the final Appropriations bill for 2005 to have the Army Corps of Engineers do a flood control study.

This information will include a more detailed look into what the best options are to prevent flooding in Robertson County. The preliminary damage assessments will be used to calibrate models and evaluate potential future flood threats.

Edwards adds, "Our next step is to work with the community and congress to see we get federal funding necessary to implement those changes."

As far as the rains are concerned, Hearne residents are just hoping this won't be another repeat of the May floods.