A&M System Chancellor in Town

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The new Texas A&M System Chancellor made his first public appearance on Monday.

Bob McTeer was in College Station for the economic outlook conference. McTeer was named chancellor over the system earlier this month.

He says he's still meeting everyone and learning about the nine universities but hopes all schools can benefit from the A&M name. He also praised the works of Texas A&M University's President, Robert Gates.

"I'm hoping that one thing I can do is to help all of our universities sort of free ride on the growing reputation for excellence at Texas A&M University. Bob Gates is doing a fine job at Texas A&M University and I'm hoping that we can learn from some of the things he's doing and assisting with that and maybe borrow some of those things to upgrade and raise standards," said McTeer.

McTeer is the former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.