CS Adopts Guidelines for Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater

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The final item addressed in a marathon special meeting of the College Station City Council was a new set of guidelines for Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater events.

In a 5-1 vote, the council gave the OK to the new rules, which includes a limit on carrying alcohol in to what the council calls "personal-sized containers" which are 48 quarts or smaller. No kegs will be allowed.

As has been the rule, the promoter of the event deterimines whether alcohol is for sale, people can bring their own, or it was not on sale at all.

Read through all the policies using the link at the end of this story.

Also, smoking will be limited to designated areas at the amphitheater. Previously, there was no regulation, though city officials note more complaints about second hand smoke have been filed in recent years.

The city council also enacted noise control guidelines.

City staff noted that in 15 seasons of events, less than 250 complaints have been fielded, including 67 from a concert this spring according to staff notes.

More than 535,000 guests have attended the 281 events over those 15 seasons.