Know Security Measures Before Traveling

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If you hate traveling, then holidays are probably not the best time to do it.

"Especially at Thanksgiving; it's really bad," said traveler Kitty Holley.

But if you're prepared, there is a good chance that everything will run smoothly.

As for security, there are a few changes you should know about.

In September, TSA announced the increase use of trace detectors for explosives and more pat-down searches.

Gary Wentrcek with TSA at Easterwood Airport said security screeners can conduct a pat-down search for a lot of different reasons.

"If they are designated as a selectee through the airline's computerized system, if they alarm the metal detector, and also passengers are randomly selected by screens for additional screening," said Wentrcek.

Checkpoint protocols now require all passengers to remove outer coats and jackets for X-ray. And as for your shoes, "TSA does not require passengers to remove their shoes; quite often, the screeners will encourage passengers to remove certain types of shoes," said Wentrcek.

One of the best travel tips is to know what you're doing. If you just spend a little time preparing for travel and security checks, you could spend less time in line.

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