Sex Offenders Part 2

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The phones didn't ring off the wall and local authorities couldn't be happier. News 3 asked viewers to call in questions or reports about sex offenders following Tuesday's 6 PM newscast.

Bryan and College Station Police along with Brazos County Sheriff investigators were available to take those calls. But none uncovered any serious abuses.

Officers say the majority of calls were from residents curious to know if a registered sex offender lived near them and authorities say that's a good thing to know.

" When you move into any neighborhood as far as sex offenders are concerned, make sure that you check on the state's website and see if there is anybody in your area that may be a risk to you or your family and then just keep an eye out," said Walt Melnyk with the Bryan Police Department.

College Station police say sexual assaults continue to be a big problem, but in dealing with this crime, knowledge is power.

" Be aware of your surroundings, not only as far as sexual assault type offenses, but if sex offenders are in your neighborhood, you need to be aware of where they live," said Detective Nathan McCune with the College Station Police Department.

Authorities conducted a surprise compliance check last month, which yielded 13 violations by sex offenders. Most of these were offenders who failed to notify authorities of their new addresses.

Police say that illustrates an important point, sex offenders frequently move. So knowing your surroundings is a continual process.