Supervisor Faulted for Prison Escape Where Guard was Killed

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A review finds a guard's failure to follow procedures created the opportunity for two felons to escape and led to the death of another officer.

The Department of Criminal Justice has released its report on
the death of guard Susan Canfield of New Waverly, who was on

Canfield was killed September 24th after the inmates broke away
from a work detail outside the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, then stole
a truck and rammed her.

Jerry Martin and John Ray Falk fled, hijacked a car -- but were
caught hours later.

Authorities say supervisor Joe Jeffcoat had allowed Martin to improperly approach him after the inmate asked that the officer hold his broken watch.

Jeffcoat was cited during a disciplinary hearing, then eventually resigned.

Martin in 1997 was sentenced to 50 years for attempted murder. Falk was serving life for murder in 1986.