Helping Feed the Hungry, St. Joseph Chips In

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The staff at the St. Joseph Regional Health Center has been hard at work collecting food within their individual departments.

The health center says part of its mission is to improve the health of the community.

"If you don't have enough food to eat you're health is at risk and I think our staff stepped up and said this is another great way to reach out and help keep the community healthy," Tim Ottinger with St. Joseph said.

St. Joseph set the goal of one item for each team member, to give them the grand total of 2,400 items to donate to Thursday's food drive.

KBTX will be collecting food throughout the day Thursday.
The Food for Families Food Drive will be at the Brazos Center in Bryan, the Kimbro Center in Madisonville, and Mid-South Synergy in Navasota.