Shooting Victim's Family Questions Police Tactics

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The shooting of a Madisonville man by police is prompting questions from the victim's family.

Billie Jo Morning, sister of the victim Benjamin "Cody" Morning, says it was common knowledge around Madisonville that her brother suffered a mental disability. She said Cody wasn't violent and was even afraid of police.

Morning was shot twice by police Monday when he allegedly lunged at them with a knife. Authorities found Morning at a mobile home while looking for fugitive Traviance Smith who was believed to be at the residence.

The altercation happened after police failed to convince Morning to leave the home. Morning's sister questions why police wanted him out in the first place. "After they spoke with him and saw that Traviance wasn't in there, I felt like they should have left," said Billie Jo Morning. "They didn't leave. They stayed there for some unknown reason."

Morning underwent his third surgery Wednesday. He remains in critical condition at Scott and White in Temple.