Re-Lighting the Path of Jesus at Christmas

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"The Pathway of Light" is a new Christmas tradition in Madisonville that celebrates more than the birth of Jesus Christ.

The production director is Glenn Jones, who happens to be the Minister of Music at Madisonville's First Baptist Church. Jones says the production does depict the nativity but Jesus' life story is so much more.

"The story really begins at Christmas and ends with the resurrection, and we felt like we needed to tell the whole story," Jones said.

For that reason, the "Pathway of Light" is different from many Christmas depictions.

This is the second year in a row that Jones has given his direction to the reproduction. More than 200 cast members from 10 different congregations across denominational lines have joined their faiths to touch the hearts of a community.

"The common thread with this is that out here on the field and in the cast, there are no Methodists," Jones said. "There are no Church of Christ, or Baptists. We're all just children of God telling the same story."

By illustrating Jesus' life as a whole, Glenn is hoping those who walk the path know why the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

"We know that while he was here on Earth, he ministered," Jones said. "He healed people, and he also died and rose again for all of us."

Thirteen live scenes give visitors along the path a front row seat at some of the most well-known moments of Jesus' life. While on the journey, those who attend are reminded the "Pathway of Light" left by Jesus is the reason for the season.

"Pathway of Light" is on the grounds of the First Baptist Church. It is open to the public starting Thursday evening and runs through Sunday evening from 6:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m. Admission is free for all ages. However, reservations are required.

Fifteen to 20 people can make up one group. Tour groups are taken on the pathway every 10 minutes. Organizers say the tour itself lasts about an hour. A mule-drawn wagon is provided for those who are physically-challenged.

To make reservations or for more information, call the First Baptist Church of Madisonville at (936) 348-2686.