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United Way About to Move Into a New Facility

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The United Way of the Brazos Valley has spent about 6 years planning for a larger, more permanent facility to house operations. Now it is the proud owner of this $600,000 building on Southwest parkway, west of the bypass.

"This will just let everybody be able to come to one place to find United Way and help us eliminate some of the lost time we've had having to cart back and forth between two offices," said President and CEO, Hank Roraback.

There's so much space that the United Way will be leasing out some of it and still sublease one of the two offices it leaves behind.

"Just with that rental income we'll be fine right now, but we don't want to have to depend on the rental income so we're going to try to pay the building off as quickly as we can," said Roraback.

The new home has brought along with it a capital campaign to pay off a $220,000 short term loan on the building. United Way will start the campaign this spring, to avoid interfering with the fall campaign to raise money for the agencies it serves.

"Our intent is that this will very much not affect what is going out to the community and in fact long term, will give us more money to go out in the community because we'll have less to pay for utilities, rent, and stuff like that," said Roraback.

Last year, the organization ran into an unexpected $150,000 shortfall in its fall campaign. But, Roraback said the ecomony has caught up and with the help of the next two campaigns he expects to meet all goals.