Police: Aggie Football Arrests Stemmed from Drug Deal

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Texas A&M defensive end Brandon Joiner has now been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. His football teammate, offensive lineman Yemi Babalola, faces those charges as well.

The duo, suspended from the team indefinitely, was arrested Wednesday in connection with an alleged armed robbery at a Callaway Villas apartment in College Station.

Two men at the residence were tied up with duct tape by a pair of large men who are alleged to have had handguns. Keys, a cell phone and around $40 in cash were taken. As they initially entered the residence, one of the suspects allegedly punched the victim who answered the door.

Court documents reveal details of a drug deal that took an unexpected turn for some.

A resident at the complex admitted to police he had been in contact since November 27 with an anonymous person who had gotten the resident's number in order to obtain marijuana. They had agreed to meet at the apartment to make the sale, and were in touch just minutes before the meeting, which turned into the alleged armed robbery.

Authorities obtained the phone number of the caller, which records showed belonged to Babalola.

A junior from Bryan, Babalola was connected by police to a pair of addresses. Authorities called Babalola at his number claiming to be a ficticious basket company. He confirmed his current address was on Welsh in College Station.

Police obtained a search warrant and questioned Babalola, who admitted to setting up a drug deal with the alleged victim, going to his apartment, and talking with the resident on the phone before encountering him.

Babalola also told police he went inside the apartment, but nothing more.

"We just went in there and I didn't do anything," Babalola said to police according to court documents. "I ran inside and that was it."

The lineman also said he knew one of the victims had been punched, and offered to pay money back to the victims.

"We just thought we could maybe get a little weed," Babalola told authorities according to the court documents.

A search of Babalola's residence turned up marijuana. He was charged with possession. A search of his car turned up a roll of duct tape.

Babalola told police he had picked up Joiner on his way to Callaway Villas. Joiner is listed as a resident of that complex. Based on that information, authorities performed a warranted search of Joiner's home.

Police found marijuana, hydrocodone and ecstacy in a refrigerator in Joiner's room. The redshirt freshman told police he was keeping the marijuana and ecstacy for a friend, who was paying him $150. Joiner faces three drug charges as a result.

Authorities also found clothing matching the description of what one of the suspects in the robbery was wearing. Also found were rolls of duct tape that very closely matched the kind used to tie up the victims.

Court documents do not report any sign of guns being found or the admission of guns being used by Babalola or Joiner.

Upon hearing the news of the arrests, Acting Head Coach Gary Darnell called Director of Athletics Bill Byrne, who was in New York City.

"The two of them agreed that both these players need to be suspended at this point in time," said athletics department spokesman Alan Cannon. "We will cooperate with any investigation, and we'll have to get to the bottom of this matter quickly."

The three individuals who were at the residence at the time of the incident on November 29 are not listed in Brazos County's online judicial records search as having been arrested in the county.

Babalola is out of jail on $52,000 bond. As of early Friday morning, Joiner was listed as still in jail. His bond is set at $66,000.