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Master's Degrees

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Is a bachelor's degree becoming obsolete? Many people are opting to get their master's degree to better ensure them a spot in today's competitive job market.

Twenty-three-year-old Joey Losurdo is a product of a growing trend. Students who didn't just stop at a Bachelor's degree, but decided to pursue a Master’s. Now he's encouraging others to do the same. He's going back to A&M, his Alma Mater, talking to business students about the benefits of getting a Master's degree. Losurdo graduated from the Professional Program at A&M, which allowed him to get a bachelors and Master’s degree in five years.

"It's was great. It allowed me to get a job straight out of school," said Losurdo

More and more students studying business and technology, driven fields are staying in college and earning their master's degree in hopes of staying ahead of the competition and landing a high paying job.

"I have seen the competition and having a master's really puts you above the rest. It gives you a step ahead in promotions and it just allows you to go much further," said Laurie Braswell, a Professional Program student.

It's often more beneficial to have a masters in careers dealing with business and finance, but in other fields, like journalism for instance, real work experience is key.

"Today a Master's degree does pay off in a certain areas. In accounting and finance, it's gotten extremely complicated over the last few years," said Dr. Austin Daily, Director of the Professional Program.

Many people who already have jobs are going back to school to earn their Master's as well. Over the past three years nearly 40,000 people submitted grad school applications to Texas A&M. Is a Bachelor's degree not enough these days? Some studies suggest that a master's degree can earn you $25,000 more than a Bachelor’s and researchers believe the gap is widening due to more specialized jobs.

"In today's world where it requires a great deal of expertise, we can add value to the careers and to their lives," said Daily.